The Team pursues cultural, sporting, educational and academic purposes and in particular is dedicated to Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions, that is, a type of ethical hacking competitions based on the compromise of various services, software, hardware and applications. gender and nature, on a national and international scale, in a simulated environment.

In addition to the CTF activities, the Team is committed to promoting the culture of IT security through training initiatives, organizing thematic events and providing teaching support where required (for example in national events such as the Cyberchallenge).

Training activities also include workshops, courses and seminars on key cybersecurity topics, encouraging knowledge sharing and technical skill development.

The Team aims to inspire and guide new generations of professionals towards an ethical and responsible understanding of cybersecurity. Finally, he carries out research activities in the field of CVEs and vulnerabilities on hardware and software devices such as applications, web systems and electronic devices.

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