By: Montecarlo

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We're super excited to share our amazing experience at the ITASEC conference, a top-tier event in the cybersecurity realm organized by the prestigious CINI National Interuniversity Consortium for Computer Science.

During this fantastic event, we teamed up with Gaspare Ferraro, the Cybersecurity National Lab, and the awesome Pwnzer0tt1 crew to create an electrifying workshop. Our goal? Introducing high school seniors to the thrilling world of cybersecurity.

More than 300 students and teachers joined in the action-packed event, which culminated in an adrenaline-pumping team-based CTF competition. And guess what? We were there providing continuous support throughout the thrilling challenge.

From #OSINT to #web security, #network security, #forensics, and #cryptography, we covered an array of captivating topics.

Being part of such a passionate and skilled team has been an absolute honor. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to making this event a smashing success!

Now, we're eagerly anticipating the next set of adventures and growth opportunities on the horizon. We're committed to continuing our collaborative journey, learning from each other, and evolving both as individuals and as an unstoppable team!

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