About Us

We are a team of students, graduates and researchers from the University of Bari Aldo Moro, united by a passion for cybersecurity. We pursue the objective of increasing practical and technical skills in the cybersecurity field. We also participate in CTF-type competitions to continue to challenge ourselves and learn to think out of the box.

+ Gianluca Parisi, Co-Founder & Software Security
+ Vincenzo Cantatore, Co-Founder & Cryptography
+ Vincenzo Turturro, Co-Founder & Web Security
+ Claudio Ripa, Infrastructure & Net Security
+ Marco Ferrara, Administration & Forensics
+ Emanuele Tamborrino, Forensics & OSINT
+ Pierluigi DePalo, Cryptography
+ Andrea Porcelli, Pwn & Cryptography
+ Adriano Gentile, Reverse & Web Security
+ Alessio Pagano, Web Security
+ Andrea Fiorella, Web $ecurity
+ Leo Ventura, Net Security & Web Security
+ Mauro Losurdo, Reverse & Web Security

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Our unique ecosystem

Partnership with the Educational Cybersecurity Lab of the University of Bari