Are you afraid of snakes? πŸβœ¨πŸ†

By: Montecarlo

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We're thrilled and immensely proud to announce our recent achievement at the Snake CTF, organized by MadrHacks, a significant competition within CyberCup 2023! Collaborating with the incredibly talented members of the Pwnzer0tt1 team, our joint force, #FoocHackz, secured an impressive fourth place out of more than 200 teams in the final rankings.

This competition was a rigorous challenge, testing our skills across diverse categories such as reverse engineering, pwn, web, cryptography, network and beyond. Our outstanding result reflects our unwavering commitment, relentless training, and the sheer determination exhibited in every competition.

We express our gratitude for the opportunity to engage in such a competitive and stimulating environment. We'll persist in working diligently, pursuing our passion for cybersecurity, and striving to consistently enhance our skills for future triumphs.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all team members for their dedication and steadfast commitment to growth. Special appreciation extends to the Snake CTF organizers, the MadrHacks team at the UniversitΓ  degli Studi di Udine for orchestrating such an invigorating event. We eagerly anticipate participating in upcoming challenges and remain grateful to all who supported us throughout this exhilarating journey!


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