Apart from partecipating in CTF competitions, the team promotes the culture of cybersecurity by educational activities and the organizations of events and seminars. Moreover, the team is committed to providing teaching support, when required (e.g. events and competitions of national importance).

The training activities focus on workshops, courses and seminars and on the main topics of cybersecurity, encouraging knowledge sharing and technical skills development in order to inspire new generations of professionals into pursuing an ethical and responible path toward cybersecurity.


CyberChallenge.IT, a training program aimed at young talents between the ages of 16 and 24, stands as the main Italian initiative to identify, attract, recruit, and place the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

No programming expertise is required to participate, but rather a strong passion, commitment, and curiosity in scientific and technological disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Logical reasoning, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and, above all, a great desire to learn are also necessary.

Since 2020, CyberChallenge.IT has been recognized by the Ministry of Education as a project aimed at enhancing excellence. Through these projects, the Ministry identifies initiatives and methods to acknowledge the levels of excellence achieved by students in secondary education. Click here to know more.


CyberHack, an initiative spearheaded by by OpenDataPlayground, focuses on scouting young talents in the realm of Offensive Cybersecurity for promising job opportunities.

These hackathons, conducted in collaboration with major companies in the Cybersecurity domain and CTF Teams across Italy, are scheduled for 2024 with multiple sessions. There's no superior method for university students and graduates than immersing themselves in a game-like challenge to address the intricate field of Cybersecurity. By taking part in CyberHack 2024 as a participant, you'll encounter novel problem-solving methodologies, expand your professional network, and put your knowledge to the test with real-world scenarios.


The Italian Conference on Big Data and Data Science (ITADATA2023), at its second edition, is the annual event supported by the CINI Big Data National Laboratory that aims to put together Italian researchers and professionals from academia, industry, government, and public administration working in the field of big data and data science, as well as related fields (e.g., security and privacy, HPC, Cloud).

The conference will be structured into a main research track on big data and data science and complemented with tutorials/demos on specific solutions and prototypes developed by industries, research centers and universities, and thematic workshops on specific verticals of big data and data science. The conference will also feature two selected distinguished keynote speeches and some panels.


Itasec, the Italian Security Conference, is a pivotal annual event dedicated to cybersecurity within Italy and globally. This gathering unites cybersecurity experts, professionals, and enthusiasts in discussions about cutting-edge strategies, innovations, and practices.

The conference features keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and presentations covering diverse cybersecurity domains: from emerging threats to technological advancements, risk management, regulatory compliance, ethical hacking, and incident response. Click here to know more.

Black & White Mode 2022/2023

"Black & White Mode" is an innovative initiative designed to foster a robust cybersecurity culture among students in local universities and high schools. Through a dynamic cycle of workshops, seminars, and events, this project aims to educate and empower the next generation on the significance of cybersecurity in today's digital landscape.

Partnering with industry-leading companies like Spike Reply, Open Data Playground, Cisco, and more, "Black & White Mode" delivers engaging sessions that delve into various aspects of cybersecurity. These sessions cover topics ranging from fundamental principles to advanced strategies, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of threats, protection measures, and ethical considerations in the digital realm.

The project's collaborative approach facilitates interactions between students and industry experts, offering invaluable insights into real-world cybersecurity challenges and solutions. By integrating theoretical knowledge with practical applications, "Black & White Mode" equips participants with the necessary skills and awareness to navigate the cyber world securely.

Through its presence in educational institutions and collaborations with prominent companies, "Black & White Mode" aims to not only educate but also inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, fostering a community dedicated to safeguarding digital landscapes against emerging threats.

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